Enterprise services

The company provides the following services:

Lathe machining

One of the most common machining processes, that works by removing the chips from the workpiece which rotates around the axis, giving to the workpiece desired shape and roughness.


With the help of various types of milling tools it’s possible to achieve more accurately and efficiently milling parts.


Grinding belongs to the category of abrasive types of processing, it allows to smooth the surface of brittle and hard materials. Grinding process is a complex technique that requires special skills from workers.


Drilling is usually carried out at the final stage of manufacturing of product, after turning, milling and other types of mechanical work.
Therefore, drilling is one of most responsible work.

CNC slotting

Slotting is performed to achieve exact diameter of the holes, to align them, to remove the roughness of the surface of part. This type of work is carried out on machines at a low speeds, due to which a very high accuracy is achieved. 


Modern presses with CNC allow to perform bending process of any complexity, performing bends at any angle. Bending can be done with a wide variety of materials, it can be aluminum, bronze, brass and steel.

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is a basis of the entire metal processing industry. This part of industry allows creation of different alloys with unique structure and physical properties.

Electro-discharge machining

This type of processing is carried out on a modern high-precision equipment, which makes it possible to obtain parts of a wide variety of configurations, including most complex parts. It is possible to process workpieces that consist of many layers, which is also a fundamental requirement for many of our customers.

Chemical analyzes to identify the grade of steel

We provide qualitative and quantitative chemical analysis of various steel alloys, cast irons, non-ferrous metal alloys (based on aluminum, nickel, titan, zinc, copper, cobalt et al), metallurgical raw materials and ferroalloys.

Manufacture of machine tools, complex parts and mechanisms

We provide a serial production of parts and mechanisms for enterprises of any form and shape. Our company has a strong production base and high-tech equipment.

Manufacture of non-standard equipment

In current manufacturing circumstances it is increasingly necessary to produce non-standard equipment. This is usually related to fact that each company seeks to release its own unique and different product.


We perform a high-precision sharpening of cutting tools using special equipment, work is carried out manually under optical instruments, which ensures the elimination of defects at the cutting edge of the blade.

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