"Manufacture of the universal pulse generator for EDM lathes"

The innovation and technology transfer project "Manufacture of the universal pulse generator for EDM lathes" with the number 19.80015.5007.231T was developed and implemented between September 2019 and December 2020

The project was proposed and implemented by the JVC “TOPAZ” in collaboration with the Institute of Applied Physics. The works were carried out in the laboratories and production sections of the plant, using the existing technologies and equipment, as well as the one procured within the project. The final product - the universal pulse generator is functional, and is already used in the plant as part of the EDM lathe. The innovational generator ensures a higher productivity and a higher quality due to the lower roughness of the surfaces on the parts produced, these being due to the elimination of parasitic pulses, and the implementation of the possibility to change the shape of the pulses through the adaptive system. Due to the electronic components used, it was possible to develop a software through which it is possible to analyze and block parasitic pulses, as well as select the optimal technological program according to the selected materials.

The continuity of the project will be ensured by promoting the generator on the internal and external market, the main purpose being its mass production. The implementation of new ideas and the development of the generator will be continued based on the knowledge and experience gained from the realization of this project.

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